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Welcome to Med Chambers, one of the UK’s leading medical and medicolegal services companies. Med Chambers provides medicolegal services (Independent Medical Reports for legal purposes), private healthcare, rehabilitation services and diagnostics services throughout the UK and Europe for local and international clients.

We Offer:

» We offer a wide range of dedicated and effective services for our clients in the UK which has been proven to make their lives easier during times of difficulty. Our aim is to assist our clients the best way we can and in any way we can. We can provide medical reports to solicitors, rehabilitation for the client, experts from various fields of law firms to a customer base including all major insurance companies, personal injury law firms, industrial injury law firms, medical negligence solicitors, and other law firms (such as employment matters, criminal injuries, family law etc.); private & public companies,...

Services for International Clients

» If a client is outside of the UK we can either arrange for them to be flown to the UK or mainland Europe, or we can send a doctor to them.

» Our experts will be totally independent because they are not based in the same institution or even country. Therefore, you can expect an unbiased opinion from our practitioners.

» Are you a UK expatriate looking to return back for a private health check or wish to travel to UK for medical tourism? Here at Med Chambers we can arrange top consultants in the UK for you through our network of partner hospitals and healthcare providers. We can arrange flights or chartered planes, accommodation in the UK, transport, medicine and everything else you need during your stay here.

» If you are in the USA or Canada, we can provide doctors through our network of partner companies in North America to come to come and assist you.

» Opinion from UK doctors based on Medical Notes: In cases of clinical negligence cases where an independent doctor is required, who is not based in the same institution where the doctor accused of negligence is based or not even in the same country, we can provide our experts for such cases who will be totally independent and therefore unbiased. Our experts can prepare reports based on medical notes and history for the cases where patients can not travel to the UK or examination is not required. Examples of such cases can be the medical negligence cases related to gynaecology or IVF negligence, our experts who are experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists can prepare reports based on the medical notes from the hospital and decide if negligence has taken place or if due care was provided.